YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php

YYYYMMDD: Hej Anna, we just set up our office next to the Tejo river in Lisbon. We are sitting in a cafe at the riverside. It´s a metal and glass structure - a bit like a big box - with people sitting all around us having lunch. The table and chairs where we sit are the typical Gonçalo chairs, a classic of the Lisbon cafe's terraces. Everything is white with the blue river at our feet. We still don´t know what we will eat as the waiter is keeping the menu to himself...

QUESTION#0 Would you like to eat with us? Where?

YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php

ANNA KINBOM: Hello! That sounds really nice! I would actually like to eat with you in my kitchen in Stockholm. The kitchen is kind of opening up to the living room and there is a bar on the backside of the kitchen and I am sitting at the bar on a high chair. The lunch is tuna salad with parsley, potatoes, tomatoes, and a rye bread sandwich with butter. Drinking water with ice and there will be cardamon coffee with milk.
I attached a photo of where I am.

YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php

We are now getting ready to order our lunch: Goat-Cheese with bread, honey and walnuts and a roastbeef-sandwich with spinach, a vinho verde and a small beer :) lets get started....
QUESTION#1 Why did we pick you? What do you think?

Well, I think because we had some nice times together in Vienna, I remember that semester when we were there at the same time as very intense and I felt like at home somehow as a coming back visitor in the class of performative art and with the people who studied there, new and ”old” students. It was an exciting - and also calm - time at the same time, for me.
Then we kept track of each other through facebook and of each others work I guess, and I think we have interests in common at the same time as our practices are different from each other. So this is why I think you picked me.

I still remember the funny dinner we had after the troubling research exhibition in the academy... Us meeting at the academy was definitely the starting point, but I kept track of your work and we felt it was perfect for the YYYYMMDD. We find interesting the way you deal with performative art, how you question society and the environment where you perform.

Question #2: how would you like to be (re)presented?

Yes that was fun!
So the answer to the next question: I would like to be (re)presented as a visual artist who makes performances that can be seen as entertainment acts - like holding a speech at a birthday party or being the sideshow band at a convent - and art at the same time.

And regarding you being represented by someone? Galleries, art institutions, other institutions, yourself...?

I am very happy to be (re)presented by YYYYMMDD, it seems like the perfect gallery for me. So far I haven't found galleries to talk to. Less than a very nice artist run Gallery in Stockholm, Cigarrvägen 13 (C13), where I had a solo show two weeks ago. But now they are closing down for ”open calls” which is a pity. I made a solo show when I graduated and now it was this one at C13 two years later and I think that it's a good pace, I might find a place to make the next solo show in two years. Meanwhile I make live performances, and then I like to be re(presented) by art institutions or by myself at my website or when I co-curate events with collegues. YYYYMMDD is like luxure, something extra, a treat, I guess YYYYMMDD is interesting because I don't know where to put it... but it is there, that is somehow how I like to work.

We feel thrilled to have you! As Katharina Aigner said: YYYYMMDD is a "project / platform / exhibiton / dialog / meeting point / archive" that sees you and your work as a perfect match for our mission - we love to look at the people that are "close" to us...

QUESTION#3 Where would you position yourself?

I would position myself as a traveller between high art contexts as the arts academies with the contacts I got with the art world through these, and artist run initiatives, artist collaborations in a less hierarchical system that although also in most cases starts or started at the arts academies. I position myself in the contemporary art world on a national level and on the geographic places where I have worked or work. If you mean in my ”field” of working with performance, video and installation... I often work with people I know, so I position myself in and compare myself with their fields too. I work with video, and I have friends who make projects a bit in documentary film world, but then I think I am more in the installation/video/online art field than in the film world. I haven't sent films to film festivals. With performance I also often work with what there is, with friends and collegues, and I don't send my works to performance festivals, or I tried, but I also actually want to work in a slower way than sending out my work to be piled in together with a lot of other performances, at the moment. I try to find places and opportunities among friends to make work, like gallery shows and events. And most of my friends studied with me in the academy or somehow related to my studies at the academy. I position myself in relation to the institution. Be it a state or private institution or a collaboration between artists and between these institutions.

QUESTION#4 Show us your favourite work you did. / someone else did.

My favorite work of my own is ”The Reading Comprehension” from 2010. It was a performance/installation in the video gallery at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, where I studied at the time. I was sitting in the gallery reading from the book ”The Artist's Joke”* to visitors. They could sit down and listen as long as they wanted during the opening hours of the show. In the room I also had a book shelf from the former smoking room of the Royal Institute of Art. The smoking room had recently been rebuilt to a normal office and the book shelf and its books had been put up for grabs beside a bench in the school where you could leave stuff you didn't want, or pick the old stuff of others.
*”The Artist's Joke” (White Chapel: Documents of Contemporary Art), edited by Jennifer Higgie

YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php


My favorite work that someone else did is a video starring Reverend Jen / Jennifer Miller, it is called ”Doo Doo: Exile in Teletubby Land”. In the video Reverend Jen is dressed as a fifth Teletubby, a grown up child who is out on the street trying to contact people, yes I don't really remember the script, but Doo Doo seems to be a grown up child, Doo Doo drinks beer for example and doesn't fit in the Teletubby Land. That is pretty much it, but despite all the miserable stuff in Doo Doo's life, Doo Doo is out in the street trying to talk to people and that weighs up all the sad things. 


Rev. Jen stars in this 1999 mockumentary about Doo Doo,
the fifth Teletubby who was kicked out of the group.
Directed by John Wellington Ennis for "Toolz of the New School".

Thanks for sending us the link - we will check it at home later - now our riverside office doesn´t allow us to look at videos ;)

QUESTION#5 How do you start your working-process?

You are welcome, I see, :)

Answering QUESTION#5: Usually writing and drawing, sometimes making photo collages through scanning, printing, cutting with scissors, scanning again. Always thinking of locations and contexts.

Sounds very analogue - besides the scanner. Do you have any examples of sketches or scores or pre-writings you would like to show us, to give an example. And do you see this as part of the piece itself?

Yes I have - I attach some here - and yes I see them as part of the work but I haven't shown them as work before.

YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php

1. Work in Progress, Anna Kinbom (2014-2015)
2. Work in Progress II, Anna Kinbom (2014-2015)
3. Beverly Hills 90210 Characters Mindmap (2010)
(Published in the Anthology ”Sweden in the Time” by Bokbål förlag)
4. Dollar Blue, Anna Kinbom (2015)

Would you be interested in showing them? In our interview with Sööt/Zeyringer they told us that now they are at a point where they want to start exhibiting their sketches/scores too...

QUESTION#6 Which is/are your material/s?

Yes I think I would.
Sorry, anwering QUESTION#6 : Spotify, iTunes, soundcloud, youtube, vimeo, going to lectures, water colours on paper, writing, text. Instagram, facebook, ello, reading online, sometimes canvas (when I can afford it), charcoal, pens and pencils, fabric, electronics like cables, loudspeaker, microphone, screens, Garage Band program, iMovie, piano, grand piano, vocals, scanner, scissors, printer, e-mailing, chatting, skype, bandcamp, video camera, tripod, hand recorder, the surroundings, twitter.

Do you work with site-specificy?

Yes, I think of the room if there is a room, or the space, and I relate to the context of the room - space or surrounding - so yes, I do.

We are already excited what you are going to show in YYYYMMDD´s exhibition space - as it is a virtual space.
It is already the last question... We will now pay our lunch and move on to the dessert - we will have a chocolate cake in Rissol de Algés. This gives you some time to answer the last question (it will take us 10-15min to get there).

QUESTION#7 Show us your network.

YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php

Nice, I might have some more coffee then. Yes I am also excited about showing in the YYYYMMDD exhibition!
Answering QUESTION#7: my network comes from the art academies where I studied (in Stockholm and Vienna) and has extended from that in different ways, through travels and workshops for example. When I went to São Paulo and Buenos Aires I also got connections through my art school.
...and another rye bread, with butter and honey.

YYYYMMDD — Interview Anna Kinbom — http://www.yyyymmdd.de/interview-anna-kinbom.php

We are back.

Cool, I am still here. :D

Ricardo inhaled the slice of cake in 1 second, there wasn´t even the time to send you a picture...

Haha, oh I hope it went well, that it was good!

Thanks for the interview, it was super nice. We could always work like this... Now we will enjoy a bit the sun and the nice weather in Lisbon. Tomorrow I will do a gallery art-space tour in Lisbon and I will send you some nice spots. By the end of the week we will start putting together the interview.
Thanks again, and have a very nice day. Beijinhos from Lisboa. Daniela+Ricardo

Thank you very much! I had a nice time! Enjoy Lisbon! The sun came out here in Stockholm and the birds started to sing in the backyard. Talk soon then!
Looking forward,
Beijinhos from the north!

Born 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm, SE and Buenos Aires, AR.
Over roughly eight years, Anna Kinbom has dealt with the embarrassing quality in the relationship between performer and spectator in the performative act through performance, installation and video. Anna’s performances are text based ”anti-performances”, which means she works with entertainment in a reluctant way. In her performances she elaborates through appearance, concept, body language and spoken and sung language. Anna has studied Performative Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and holds an MFA from Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm with the thesis Black Book – Scripts for Performances and the thesis exhibition 3 Events Exhibition (2013).
In 2011 Anna Kinbom made a performance as part of the research project Troubling Research – Performing Knowledge in the Arts in Vienna. In 2012 she held a workshop in fluxus performance art within the exhibition Audience is the Mother of Self-Invention, curated by Diana Baldon, at Index in Stockholm. There she continued to research her interest for performance as teaching and vice versa.
Anna Kinbom is a member of the art collective 0s+1s (SE/U.K.) and one half of the performance duo The Drinking Brothers (SE). During 2013 she organized a tour together with Videography Collective (SE) and screened videos in Brussels, Helsinki, Amsterdam and Vienna. She also co-curated two performance events: 15 Minutes of Shame in Stockholm (2014) and Stand Up and Perform! in Brussels, BE (2013).